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'The Greatest Path in Life'

Warrior Wisdom and Affirmations

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Free eBook: Instant Download

'The Greatest Path in Life'
Warrior Wisdom and Affirmations

Fill out your name & email below. We'll periodically send you free amazing, fun, spiritual, and holistic emails. Cancel anytime.

The Eternal Truth is...
Life is a practice of letting go!

Are you open minded and open hearted to discover and experience the joy of being, and gain confidence, certainty, clarity, and sincerity on your path?

Wan to strengthen your ability to see the goodness and grace in yourself, and in others?

Wan to learn how to connect and commune with your own eternal true nature of being, heart light, Soul space, and Source of goodness and grace?

Want to learn how to raise your vibration and clear your inner-channel to the divine gifts inherent within your own inner being and eternal energy field?

Want to discover how to create the space necessary in your own lightness of being which in-turn allows goodness and grace into your life?

Want to learn how to see your way with more clarity, journey with more confidence, and live your life with more certainty and sincerity?

Are you ready to follow your heart light, find your ultimate purpose, and feel your inner passion with the path of Holistic Soul-Healing, and the practice of Deep Energy Meditation?

Are you ready to discover your inner Lightness of Being?


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About The Path...

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Courses & eBooks...

Holistic Soul-Healing & Warrior Wisdom!

Want to be more present, find more peace, and feel more joy?

Want to overcome life’s obstacles, and step into the best version of yourself?

Want to practice feeling good, and experiencing the joy of being on the path of Holistic Soul-Healing, and with the practice of Deep Energy Meditation?

The eternal truth is... no matter what you’re facing, you can always take a new path, write a new story, or create a new reality.

Discover The Practice....
A warm welcome... 🙏

As a life long spiritual student and teacher, I love to assist, guide, and uplift others by sharing the secrets to a peaceful, fulfilled, joyful, blessed, and empowered life. 

Do you you find yourself struggling to find relief, to feel good, to have more confidence, to experience more freedom, to allow in more abundance, to be more joyful, loving, and loved?

Do you want to break free of suffering, anxiety, incessant thinking, confusion, depression, bad habits, poor diet, lack of good nutrition, lack of energy, lack of self-love, and lack of self-care?

The good news is... Holistic Soul-Healing Academy is here to assist, guide, help, and support you.

Want to let go of what's not serving you and your highest good?

Want to step into a whole new light, discover a deeper knowing, explore a greater understanding, realize a better feeling state of being, and awaken to the joy within this one and only moment of all creation?

The eternal truth is... there’s many amazing ways to raise your joy factor through the roof.

Holistic Soul-Healing is my spiritual path that can assist you too.

Want to transform your life with powerful practices that can raise your vibration, release trapped energy, and guide you to tap into the infinite wisdom and power within your eternal energy field?

Want to transformed your life, fill your heart to overflowing with light, good feelings, peace, infinite patience, abundance, and the ability to experience acceptance, appreciation, and gratitude for the joy of being?

Want to choose wisely to create the life you always dreamed of?

May you choose wisely to follow your heart light, as it will always lead you where it needs you... home to the joy of being.

Blessings and Namaste',


Connect with Dakshina...
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Zoom Session

Want to feel good? Allow me to support you and guide you on your spiritual journey and life transformation.

15 Minute Zoom Call...
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Want to choose wisely to truly know and love thy Self?

The Holistic Soul-Healing Academy along with the practice of Deep Energy Meditation are an amazing place to start.

Meet Kira...

Founder of Carpinteria Healing Arts & High Frequency Foods for Ascension

Wanto to learn how to shift your eating habits towards high vibration, healthy, vegan, garden fresh, and nutrition packed foods and juices?

Want to learn how to let go of and move away from the processed, harmful, toxic, and low vibrational food addictions and cravings?

Want to build and strengthen your body temple; stop feeling bad and start feeling good?

Are low vibrational food addictions keeping you from your dreams? ...keeping you feeling depressed? ...keeping you disconnected from Source Energy?

Kira has an amazing path and course; an amazing and systematic way of raising your vibration, shifting your consciousness from one state of being to another, and empowering you - to find and discover your passion and purpose in life.

How can you do all this? This is how... with High Frequency Foods for Ascension, and Kira’s wisdom and guidance. Kira's course can assist you to cleanse, detoxify, and regenerate your body, raise your vibration, and shift your life.

Explore The Healing Arts with Kira...
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