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17 Chapters & 199 Pages

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Holistic Soul-Healing

The Path, Practice, and Philosophy of Feeling Good

by Dakshina
A Journey into Spiritual Awakening and Life-Realization Mastery
17 Chapters & 199 Pages

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Holistic Soul-Healing is all about letting go of incessant thought within the egoic mind, and reconnecting and communing with eternal Source energy within one’s heart, inner being, essence of center, and eternal energy field.

The eternal truth is... absolutely anyone can truly discover, embrace and truly enjoy a life full of everlasting presence, peace, joy, self-love, contentment, and inner freedom through Holistic Soul-Healing.

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Deep Energy Meditation Lifetime Course Includes:

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Each Lesson Includes: 21 Video Tutorials & 21 Downloadable PDFs

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199 Page eBook ~ Holistic Soul-Healing ~ (My Life's Work!)
48 Page eBook ~ An Eternal And Unconditional Life
25 Page eBook ~ The Philosophy of Feeling Good

12 Page eBook ~ The Greatest Path in Life

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